Friday, July 30, 2010

Black Forest

This morning I woke up and realized, "hey, I'm COLD!" It's been a humid summer here in Maine, and this crisp, clear and sunny morning makes me think of fall.... and our Black Forest scent. Black Forest is warm & robust, tranquil because of the lavender and uplifting because of the sweet orange. The frankincense oil adds warmth & depth to the aroma and stays with you all through the day.

We blend our handcrafted scent into all of our luxury-vegan products.

And just a reminder that you can find all of these products at Sweet Mojo's Artfire shop too!

xox Jes


  1. I visited Maine last summer and fell in love! What a beautiful place to live!

    Your products look simply lovely.

    It was a bit chilly in Michigan this morning too - there needs to be a balance between 90* and humid and 65* and chilly...

  2. LOL! WHERE is the balance indeed?!! Actually it's shaping up to be a beauty of a day!!