Monday, November 1, 2010

a website of our very own........

Our friend Hope Wallace of Paper Relics came to Maine to visit for a week to show us how to run our very own website!! Because she is a dear blogging pal from way back, she gave us the royal treatment, and taught us how to make headers for each website page, thumbnail photos & gave us oodles of info that we NEVER would have been able to figure out!
Because she knows me so well, she knows my style, and therefore Jolene's, because we've always had the same feelings about how the look and feel of Sweet Mojo should be. When I mentioned to her that we were doing a website, she very quickly sent me a designed page, and we loved it... it was so Sweet Mojo! We speak the same language using very professional terms like "grunge it up a bit more" and "that butterfly-thingy for the shopping cart".

It's not quite finished, we will be working today and tomorrow on the site
(if we can remember everything that was taught to us)

We hope you'll consider signing up for our newsletter in the right hand column. We'll let you know when the site is finished, share unusual Sweet Mojo tips, and fill you in on upcoming craft shows and specials.

xoxox Jes & Jolene

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