Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An "uplifting" contest!

I think most of us agree... especially those of us that live in a cold-climate with lots of snow and short days, that we all tend to get a little out of focus. Some get down in the dumps & struggle to pull themselves up and out of the fog.
We think aromatherapy is a wonderful way to lift your spirits & clear your mind, and what could be better then simply rolling on a lovely scent that makes you think of sunshine, blossoms & citrus? We have two such scents that we think you'd like!
SO, we thought that a contest was in order!
Just go to our FACEBOOK PAGE and tell us what YOU DO to lift the winter blues and you'll be automatically entered to win our drawing for a Sweet Mojo Perfume Oil in your choice of our "Sunbeam" or "Under The Sun" scents.
Under The Sun: Invigorating Pink Grapefruit blended with cool Lime & warm Mandarin
Sunbeam: Sweet Orange blended with delicate Neroli & smoky Vetiver

Contest winner will be announced Weds. March, 16th

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  1. Great site!
    I'm looking forward to finding your Sweet Mojo stuff in stores and telling all of my friends and facebook fans!

    You can visit me at www.bakedinmaine.com